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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Office, Season 1...for only $9.99

So recently I went into my local Best Buy...well one of my local Best Buys because I have two that are about 4 miles apart. Anyway, I started checking out all the awesome TVs that I can't afford and then I started perusing through video games.

For some reason I began to start checking out television shows on DVD. Soon enough my wonderful fiance, Kristin, showed me a copy of the Office, Season One for just $10.99. I thought, "hmm...that's pretty cheap." Then she looked at the other copies and the all said $23.99 except for one that said $9.99. I pointed out there must have been an our favor.

I took the DVD to the register and when the cashier said $25 and some odd change, I acted confused and then pointed to the price tag on the box. Without saying a word, she went and got her manager. Her manager came over a couple of minutes later and said, "Okay, that will be $10.55 (after tax)". I handed over my gift card and a couple of bucks in cash and I became the proud new owner of the DVD at least than half of the retail price.

The DVD is wonderful. These were all episodes that I have never seen. I hopped on the bandwagon this season, I will admit it. They have deleted scenes and commentary. The only annoying thing is that you cannot move through one of the episodes quickly as they are each one chapter.

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