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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The ghostly scoop: Port Washington

The ghostly scoop: Port Washington
So I found this blog article on blogger and it deals with a ghostly encounter with someone from Port Washington. I am not sure if it is Port Washington, WI or not. I have put in a comment to him. I hope he replies to it. Here is what he had to say in September, 2005:

This is where I had my most strangest encounters I would have to say.Port Washington is so small, you can stand in the middle of town and look both ways and you can see the city limits.The house we was renting had some strange things going on there.We would hear people call our name when no one was there,knocking at the door only to find nothing there.I know that old homes creek and crack,but this was beyond that.This was one of those homes where you feel you were losing your mind.You would here rocking chairs and people talking to you.I do have a pic I plan on posting of an ectoplasm or so I have been told, that was taken at my wife's baby shower.So after about 9 months we had enough of it and decided to move.Only to find out that it used to be a funeral home.If I had known that in the first place, I would have never moved in there.

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