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Friday, August 21, 2009

[:.GAMING.:] I am a Good Samaritan

So, I recently downloaded Crystal Defenders from Square Enix on PSN.  It will set you back $9.99 USD but is not a bad game and a fun one at that.  I got the game for the trophies.  My most recent accomplishment was getting the gold "Good Samaritan" trophy.  It took me four times to get it and I was using a guide.  To get this trophy, you have to last 30 rounds without losing a crystal or deploying a thief.  Basically, you have to be flawless without the benefit of any gil boost that the thief brings you.  If you like RPGs, strategy or simulation games...this one will surely entertain for a while.  Don't expect to get too much time out of it, but it is only 10 bucks.

On a couple of side notes, I only have one trophy left in TV Show King.  This game is not that great, but worth it if you just want trophies (no gold trophies in the set...mostly bronze and two silver).  The trophy that I need is called Penny Pincher and it is just a stupid bronze trophy but to get it you need to steal a cumulative total of $25,000.00 from other players.  The way you steal is so random as it is only able to be done by a spin on a big wheel.  I played a nine-round game, and never landed on one of the spots.  That is kind of discouraging and I will probably never have the patience to get 100% on this game.

Other side note is that I really suck at Burnout Paradise.  I slid that baby in recently and I was completely lost.  There are almost too many trophies for that game.

@HOLD: Major League Baseball 2K9 and Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (the controls and camera angles make this one pretty unenjoyable).
@WISHLIST: Madden 10
@FUTURE: Final Fantasy XIII

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