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Sunday, September 06, 2009

[:.FLICKS.:] Pumpkin: Smashing or Pie?

I had never ever heard of this movie before catching it on MGM HD the other night.  Christina Ricci stars as the well-to-do sorority sister, Carolyn McDuffy.  McDuffy is seen as the sister that really holds the whole house together and the one that the other sisters respect.  Her boyfriend is tennis ace Kent Woodlands, played by Samuel Ball.  His character looks like he belongs on the team from Jocks.  Surprisingly his character actually has a lot of depth.  Anyway, let's talk about the title character, Pumpkin.  Jesse "Pumpkin" Romanoff is special.  Special as in mentally and physically challenged.  Although the majority of his challenges seem to be induced by his smothering widowed mother, who really wants her son to win the challenged games.  McDuffy's sorority decides to help mentor and coach the athletes of the challenged games.  Christina Ricci's character is paired with Pumpkin and at first Ricci can barely stand him staring and drooling at her.  However, things quickly change and a certain type of special relationship develops that puts Carolyn McDuffy at odds with Pumpkin's mother, her boyfriend, her entire sorority and her parents neighbors.  This one is definitely and odd one.

You are a Christina Ricci fan, like dark romantic comedies or are bored and looking for something different

MOVIEHOUSE: Inglorious Basterds, Gamer, Extract, The Goods
RECENTLY PICKED UP: Alfie, Alex & Emma, The Net, Closer, The Flamingo Kid, The Interpreter, Stuck on You (Half Priced Books was having a sale and my wife was sick, so I picked a bunch of budget titles up)

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