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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Martin Lawrence, GO AWAY ALREADY!

Why oh why is there a Big Momma's House 2 movie coming out. Will someone stop writing checks to Martin Lawrence? He isn't worth anymore than what he was making when he was on his self-titled narcissistic show.

Now take the Bad Boys movies--we all know that Will Smith, a very versatile entertainer, carried his black ass through both of those movies. Sure, Martin works okay in these as comic relief but only in small doses.

Why am I ragging on Martin Lawrence? Well I think he is annoying and I wouldn't lose any sleep over never hearing his squeaky voice or some buttnugget trying to say, "Damn, Gina!" as a sad attempt at an impersonation. We know that certain voice can only have came from something that is evil.

I have not seen Big Momma's House and I do not plan on seeing Big Momma's House 2. I think Martin Lawrence is an ass clown. The only reason that a Big Momma's House 2 is coming out 6 years later, is that the original only cost some $30 million to make and grossed $117 million in profit. With the way the movie industry has been, I guess Fox thought it was a good time to go with a proven method no matter what deep dark evil they may release onto cold celluloid.

And...Black Knight?...National Security?...Rebound?...Did you see these movies? I didn't see them....not in the theatres....not on saw these. And it looks like most of America and the rest of the moviegoing world did not see them. There is some justice left. Hail Ritter Jamal!

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