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Monday, January 16, 2006

I ripped my back pocket on my jeans and I don't like it

So, I walk into Shopko with my fiance, Kristin, and I peruse the clearance in the electronics section to find an Action Replay for PS2 and a discounted price. I also found Crazy Taxi for $7.99 and Primal for $8.99. Lo and behold I didn't pick up those crappy games. I did however get the Action Replay and Kristin was nice enough to buy that on top of a 20 ouncer of Sprite. She got a Coke. Anyway, we walk outside into the parking lot and we are going to her car and their are people who just parked on her passenger side. The passenger of that car gets out way before the driver. I am sort of the impatient type and I decide I can make it into the car before she opens the door. Nope, bad idea...she swings the car door open like she she is the only one in the parking lot and I have to move back to avoid my junk getting crushed by this dumb broad. So I apologize and let her get out of her shitty car. I am a little frazzled at this moment. I get into Kristin's car and I have to duck just a little bit because of my height. It's more like a swing in so I don't rock my noggin on the top of the car and I have to kind of slide my butt across the seat. Well this time, and I blame it on not getting into the car at the time I should have, I caught my right butt cheek pocket on the lever that puts the seat back. Now this wouldn't have been so bad, but I had previously broke this lever so there a point to it...I broke it by swinging my ass into the car. And no, those aren't my actual jeans in the picture.

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